Seren is an International Design Consultancy

We help clients achieve digital business transformation through a customer-centred approach to design.

Digital business transformation only becomes possible through a deep understanding of customer need.

Seren’s advanced research and measurement techniques allow us to gain this understanding of how customers currently interact with a business and how they could do in the future.

This means we can confidently identify and design new markets, products and services, as well as allowing us to advise our clients on how to optimise their existing operations for maximum business impact.

We also work with clients to build the internal culture and systems required to be customer-centred on an ongoing basis.


We help businesses innovate, improve performance and create new revenues.

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We help major brands in a wide range of sectors reshape their organisations around the needs of customers.

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Our team is amongst the best and the brightest in the business.

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We have lots more we could talk to you about so please call, mail, or just come and visit us.